Are steel security doors worth it?

Posted on March 26, 2022 at 9:32 pm

There are many reasons to purchase a steel security door for your home. These doors are extremely tough, and they can provide excellent protection against intruders. They also offer insulation and noise reduction benefits, which can improve the comfort of your home. Security steel doors are usually made from heavy-gauge slabs of steel, with reinforcement bars often added in vulnerable areas (such as hinges or locks). While these doors do cost more than other types of doors, they may be worth it if you value safety and security in your home. If you’re considering purchasing a steel security door for your home, there are several factors that you should keep in mind.

First, consider the quality of the manufacturer – it’s important to choose a reputable company that produces high-quality doors. Second, think about the style of door that you want. There are many different designs available, so you should be able to find one that suits your taste and needs. Finally, make sure to get a door that’s the right size for your entrance – a too-small door may not provide adequate protection, while a too-large door may be difficult to open and close. With these factors in mind, you should be able to find the perfect steel security door for your home.

Security over style

When it comes to choosing a security door for your home, many people prioritize safety and security over style. After all, the main purpose of a security door is to keep intruders out, so it’s important to focus on features like sturdy construction and strong locks. Of course, that doesn’t mean that steel security doors can’t also be stylish – there are many different designs and finishes available, from sleek modern styles to more classic-looking designs. So if you’re looking for both security and style in your home’s entryway, a steel security door may be the perfect option.

Easy to access (for the right people)

One of the benefits of steel security doors is that they can be designed to be easily accessible for authorized people, while still providing a high level of security. For example, many doors have keyless entry systems that allow you to unlock the door with a code, rather than a key. This can be convenient if you often lose your keys, or if you want to give access to someone without having to give them a key (such as a babysitter or housekeeper). Of course, this convenience comes with a trade-off – if someone guesses your code, they will be able to enter your home without any difficulty.

Combine with additional measures like CCTV and alarms

Steel security doors are an excellent way to secure your home, but they should not be used as the only security measure. For example, you may want to install a CCTV system to monitor activity around your door, or add an alarm system that will notify you if someone tries to force their way through the door. By taking additional measures to secure your home, you can give yourself peace of mind knowing that your property is well-protected.

Fire Resistance is crucial

One of the most important factors to consider when choosing a security door is fire resistance. A steel security door that is not fire-resistant will provide little protection in the event of a fire, so it’s important to make sure that the door you choose is rated for fire resistance. Look for doors that have been tested to international standards – such as those from UL (Underwriters Laboratories) or FM Global (Factory Mutual).

Consider the climate

Another factor to keep in mind when choosing a steel security door is the climate. If you live in an area with a lot of snow and ice, for example, you’ll want to make sure that the door you choose can withstand the elements. Look for doors that are made with galvanized steel


There are many reasons to purchase a steel security door for your home. These doors offer excellent protection against intruders, and they can also provide insulation and noise reduction benefits. If you’re considering purchasing a steel security door, make sure to choose a reputable manufacturer and think about the style of door that best suits your needs.

Do you think steel security doors are a good choice for homes? Do you have any other tips to share when it comes to choosing the right steel door? Let us know in the comments!​

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Improve your home with a glass house

Posted on September 5, 2021 at 9:52 pm

If you are looking at ways to improve your home, or simply want more space, adding a glass house to your home may be the best option for you. Brining the outdoors inside. With all the beauty of sitting outdoors, but with the comforts of being inside.

The UK weather changes so much, it is hard to know if it’s going to rain or shine, or both. Thats why adding a glass house will allow you to enjoy the scene whilst being protected from the elements.

While some glass houses are attached to the home, others can become their own separate structure. Giving you plenty of room to improve your outdoor space while still keeping it on your property.

If you want more information on how to build a glass house or if you are considering building one, there are many things you should consider first. Including the cost of building materials, labor costs and how much maintenance will be expected afterwards. These costs may be more than what you were hoping for in the beginning but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. You will enjoy your new space that much more knowing you had a hand in creating it.

A glass house will provide you with extra living space that you will enjoy. You can spend plenty of time relaxing and entertaining guests in a glass-enclosed area.

The best part about building a glass house is that it doesn’t take much effort to maintain it, as long as the proper precautions are taken before hand. If you choose to use toughened or laminated instead of tempered glass, this will make your life easier down the road because they won’t break as easily as regular glass would if an accident occurred after installation.

Glass houses add value to your home, so you may want to add a glass house as a home investment with the thought of increasing the homes sale price after having the glasshouse installed. The finished product will reflect the amount of effort you put into building it. A glass house can be built to fit your every need, so before building make sure to invest in plenty of time and money.

Glass extensions are a perfect place for entertaining guests or taking quiet time away with the large glass panels allowing you t have full view of your garden. The glass house would be a great addition to any garden. It is incredibly important for safety reasons that you have the proper foundation and support beams in place before installing any glass panels or doors.

A strong beam system is a must because of the large size of the glass panels and the weight they hold. The home foundation should not shift—if it does, your glass house can easily break from its frame or even shatter from being hit by an object inside of the enclosure. Wood beams are used for most greenhouses but if you want something more sturdy steel columns can be used instead. Seeking advice from a supplier and installer is a must before investing in a new glass house from your home.

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Are log burners worth the cost?

Posted on June 24, 2021 at 2:26 pm

It’s time to burn the budget for this winter’s heating season, and you might be thinking of upgrading your heating system. If so, there are three key questions you need to consider:

1. How much money will I save?

2. Will I improve the comfort in my home?

3. What improvements can I make that will save me both money and comfort?

Log burning stoves, also known as wood burners can be expensive but they provide “unparalleled” room-to-room comfort by distributing heat evenly throughout your living space. They are also very stylish.

What are the benefits of log burners?

Log burners heat up the home and therefore reduce heating costs. It is also possible to save on your energy bill by burning wood logs instead of buying an artificial fire or stove. Log burning stoves are also very comforting and bring a traditional feel to a room, with flickering flames that are oh so therapeutic!

Log burning stoves heat up the home and therefore reduce heating costs. Log burners are also very stylish and provide unparalleled room-to-room comfort by distributing heat evenly throughout your living space. It is also possible to save on your energy bill by burning wood logs instead of buying an artificial fire or stove.

The best type of wood for a log burner?

Oak, beech or cherry make good choices as they produce more heat and last longer than other types of wood such as pine. They can even last up to 8 hours if you choose seasoned logs!

What about prices – do different models vary greatly in terms of cost?

Prices vary depending on brands but you can expect them to start from £399 upwards. It depends on where you shop, and also whether you’re willing to shop around and look at some cheaper options, rather than big brand names.

What are the disadvantages of log burners?

The ash left behind in a log burner can be messy and difficult to clean and removing any deposits will require professional help. If not maintained, it may clog up and emit fumes into the room rather than heat it, which would use even more fuel. Finally, only seasoned logs should be burned, otherwise, they might start a chimney fire. Unseasoned logs should go straight into your garden! Furthermore, wood does take up space so if you have limited storage you might want to consider this.

What about multi-fuel stoves? Are they better?

So it’s becoming increasingly clear that multifuel stoves are the way of the future. They burn logs, pellets and smokeless fuel (coal or coke) more efficiently than open fires, can produce more heat for less money, and make cooking easier.

Multifuel stoves need regular cleaning – they’re not designed to be left untended all night like some traditional stoves. But if you choose a well-built model with a good door sealing system that will be trouble-free for many years then servicing should only take minutes every week or so.

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Increase soundproofing and you’ll elevate productivity in your home office…

Posted on March 18, 2021 at 5:35 pm

Let’s cut to the chase. If you are accustomed to being stuck in an office building all day, working from home may sound just like big dream come true. The commute is just a short walk down the hall, whilst a ‘ business casual’ look is needed, perhaps in your pyjamas, and best of all, the work schedule of yours revolves around your life – not the other way around. But your home office probably is not soundproof, right?

Picture this – it is Monday morning and you’ve just had your coffee. You are a couple of emails in when suddenly the kids are actually fighting, the dog is barking, and the dryer is seemingly making that noise again. If you have just recently moved to a home office, you are most likely starting to understand just how loud your home can be. We get it!

Distracting clamour disrupts your work ethic and kills the productivity of yours. Luckily, you will find many simple ways to minimize the noise in the home office of yours. Interested in a quiet workspace? Follow these straightforward suggestions, and you will be working the day away in uninterrupted bliss.

Soundproof floors – If you live in a two-story home or perhaps your home has a raised foundation, a large amount of noise is most likely coming from your floors, especially if someone is actually stomping around above the office of yours. We’re not saying you need industrial soundproofing or floors that are very costly to install or maintain.

Fix The Floors of yours – Stop Unwanted Noise: Imagine the sound of a large book hitting a hardwood floor. Now think about that very same book falling onto a plush carpet. Which one was louder? Today think of the children of yours or perhaps pets running around on hardwood floors versus carpeted floors.

Carpet is a lot better at absorbing noise than hardwood, so a simple start to soundproofing the area around the home office is usually to lay down some carpet. You do not even have to have carpet installed wall-to-wall; you can put down thicker area rugs for the same sound dampening effect.

When you want a lot more good dampening ability from carpet, you can add a rug pad underneath for even more cushioning.

Most interior doors are hollow core and allow sound to go straight through. Though hollow cores tend to be probably the best choice for interior doors, you might have to upgrade for space where noise reduction is actually essential, like an office. Think about turning to a thicker, solid core door. If that is out of your budget, or perhaps you do not wish to deal with the hassle of installation, try a soundproofing panel, like the ones that many firms make, that will hang over the door frame and add a level of sound blockage.

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Are Slow Cookers Overrated?

Posted on November 13, 2020 at 2:56 pm

Slow cookers are a much-loved kitchen appliance which can be found in every household across the nation. But are slow cookers really as good as what people make them out to be?

Slow cookers offer us the option to cook our meal throughout the day. Working the best for casseroles or slow-cooked meats. But they can take a long time. Sometimes having your slow cooker on the high setting will cook your food too fast, but the low setting too slow. With the auto option being handy for mixing up the heat to cook your meal perfectly every time. These are becoming a much-overrated product. You will begin to find that even when cooking a meal with your slow cooker you need to stay home. You will need to ensure that the water stays topped up so your meal does not just burn. As well as needing to add ingredients at different times so they all cook to perfection.

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